Les Voyages de Gwipaz

"In the nearby-world "Quilonia" there is a small village called Loktudi, where the Abers and the Sea meet... The world of Quilonia consists mainly out of ice and snow. Still, it doesn't particularly feel cold out there, because all is peaceful and calm. Loktudi is the home village of a small population, the Gwimilios, who live in harmony with each living creature. If we notice the Gwimilios, we usually find in their immediate neighbourhood the gigantic Gwipaz, very sweet and intelligent beings. They are often referred to as the 'bearers of good fortune' of Quilonia, because everyone always gets cheerful and happy around them. Once every 30 years, the gates between both worlds are opened... The Gwimilios and the Gwipaz take this chance to have a stroll in our world. Why...? Very simple... They want the people in our world also to turn happy and cheerful, and to have children believe in fantasy once again... "

Les Voyages de Gwipaz on Christmas: