Wobbeling Santa


Klutzy and Sparkles, the 2 toy designers of Santa Claus are constantly looking for a fun new toy to suggest to the children
When making a "Wobbling Xmas-toy." it went a little bit wrong. During the break of Klutzy and Sparkles, Santa came at the workshop, saw the new toy and wanted to test it. The new toy being not quite completely finished, what he didn't know, he pushed and pulled to the ball but nothing happened. Until he discovered some buttons in the lab in the hope to loosen the special ball.
A magical universe of polar light shot through the workshop. Santa Claus didn't know what was happening and before he realised what was happening, he got incorperated into the toy.
Klutzy and Sparkles heard the alarm go off in the workshop and rushed to the place of doom. Great was their astonishment when they find that their new toy and Santa Claus became one entity.
Unfortunately, the magical universe of polar light took so much energy of Santa Claus, he constantly falls asleep
Klutzy and Sparkles do anything to wake up Santa Claus and get him out of the toy, but unfortunately they fail.
Now that Christmas is imminent, they see no alternative but to cross the cities with Santa Claus - alias "Wobbling Santa" -, in order to save Christmas.
What they hadn't expected, is that people have lots of fun in this way to get acquainted with Santa Claus and play with him. Klutzy and Sparkles are strongly considering coming out this way each year with Santa Claus.
But the problem of a sleeping Santa Claus persists, the only thing that can keep it awake is to play with the kids or the adults around him.
Will you help Klutzy and Sparkles keep Santa Claus awake and so to save Christmas?