November 31th 1168 Castle of Meesen
Two Lycans are condemned to the stakes to be burned alive, these dangerous creatures must be executed immediately.
Heavily guarded, they are transferred from the tribunal to the stakes, where many people are watching. Everyone cheers with joy: ‘Finally, a life of peace and tranquility”. The Lycans must pay for all the children they made disappear.

In between the restless public, there is a tall man, wearing a long leather coat, eyes focused on the Lycans.
The moment that the guards want to chain de Lycans near the stake, the sinister man throws a fireball to the chatelaine and his family. The chatelaine and his wife burn like hell and scream of pain.

A great panic reigns over the public while the sinister man heads to the Lycans. The Lycans feel powerful and take advantage of the situation to kill the guards in a macabre way.
But more the sinister man approaches, more the Lycans surrender by gratitude.
Together with their new master, the pair flee in the castle, where they hide in the deepest catacombs.
Years pass and no one dares to enter the Castle. No person who has set foot in the ruins of the castle has ever returned.
Fearing that the Dark Master and his Lycans still live there.
Let us all hope that they will never leave the catacombs of the Castle of Meesen.
Or are you just that person who dares to invite them…..