Everybody knows about the Greek and Roman mythology regarding deities such as Zeus, Aphrodite and numerous others.

Amor, which is alos one of them, more specifically the god of love, is usually portrayed as a little angel. Whenever people think about love, they therefore link the image immediately to Amor, which leads to the fact that almost everybody has forgotten about the REAL love-gods... People don't even remember their names anymore, what are they called again? Hmmmm yes, they're made out of water, let's refer to them as Aquatopia.

These gods lived in areas that mostly constist out of water and waterdrops, merging together into one or more creatures within the lakes and seas. Whenever they came ashore, they bring a white wave of peace amongst the people.

The more you start believing in them, the bigger the chance that also you will be able to see them, and that they will shower you and those around you with love and peace. After all, who wouldn't want a world without hate and war... ?