When “Atlantis” was swept away by a giant tsunami, “Lemurië” got washed away as well, sucked down to the bottom of the sea.

All of humanity and the animal kingdom disappeared into the deep Ocean.

During this chaotic event the humans lost their consciousness due to the surges of giant jellyfish. But the surges had other significant side effects as well. These side effects let the humans breath under water through gills, yet they still went into a comatose state, falling onto the rocks and the coral reefs on the bottom of the sea.

Years went past and life under the sea went on. They were overgrown with colourful coral, shell fish and barnacles. After several decades they awoke one by one and called themselves Bukarang or Coral-man.

June of 2018, an excursion ship with several divers of Coper noticed something remarkable while scanning the bottom of the sea. They were stunned by surprise when they discovered the colourful, luminous city of coral, Lemurië.

Luminous Corals and the Bukarang of Lemurië moved peacefully and calmly to the rhythm of soft music which resounded through the city.

The divers made their acquaintance with the Bukarang and talked about life above sea level. A few Bukarang could vaguely remember some moments of life above water. Some young ones were so curious that they begged the divers to take them to the top, the world above.

The Copers thought it a good idea and took 4 Coral men with them. Once above water, the Bukarang were soon spotted by the earthlings, who then worshipped them as the gods of hope and life.

From that moment on Coper and the Bukarang wander from city to city together. Everywhere they go, they are behold for their happy sounds, synchronous dancing and luminous coral bodies.

Everybody is excited to see them…. Aren’t you